About Us


Our Mission


The Greater Cleveland Flute Society (GCFS) sponsors recitals, masterclasses, student festivals, and lectures throughout the year to promote flute education and instruction in the community at all levels. GCFS provides outreach activities to enhance awareness of music and the flute through performance and is actively involved in regional and national organizations. Its members include students, adults, teachers, amateur and professional flutists and corporate sponsors. The Greater Cleveland Flute Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


Board Officers

President: Cathy Spicer
Vice President: Linda Miller
Secretary: Rae Yeager
Treasurer: Tom Brown
Newsletter Editor: Kelly Mollnow Wilson
Archivist: Ann Droste
Publicity: Cathy Spicer
Membership Chair: Rebecca Chen

Programs:​ Suzan Ingersoll

Venue Liason: Linda White

Website: Martha Somach
Student Correspondent: TBA


Tom Brown
Rebecca Chen
Linda Miller
Cathy Spicer
Bonnie Svetlik


Linda Miller
Kathleen Mylecraine
Joshua Smith