November 2, 2019

at 1PM

location: 21049 Colby Rd in Shaker Heights

Lisa Heinrich had hosted an inspirational Pedagogy Roundtable a few years ago where we all took home some exciting new ideas for both teaching AND improving our own playing. It was clear that there is a lot of flute expertise in the Cleveland area. So…let's do it again!

For November's Roundtable,   

the wonderful Kelly Wilson will be giving a presentation  on the subject of articulation

To get a preview, check out Kelly's Flute Examiner article, 

"11 Cool Things About the Tongue." 


-The meetings will last under 2 hours.

-We will present and share our own learning experiences as well as summaries of favorite articles (ie: from the Bulletproof Musician blog, Flute Talk magazine, FLUTE list, etc, etc).

-There will also be flexibility for anyone to spontaneously add to the discussion.  

The roundtable meetings will focus on education, where flute teachers and non-teachers alike can share information and ideas on how to improve our flute playing and performance skills.

~Free for all GCFS members~

RSVP required!

 RSVP via the CONTACT US feature on the GCFS website